At HallucinateX, we believe that what we do is nothing short of art. In fact, the arts, artists, and the diverse philosophies that drives them have been hugely influential to us. To know us a little better, you have to know the artistic energy that drives us and have inspired us to craft the perfect designs for our products. So here are some of our favorites: 

Surrealism: All art is a beautiful hallucination, a way to see the world differently. And no other art movement has shown the world how to view things differently than surrealism. We love the surrealist way of finding the familiar in the uncanny, the emotional in the bizarre. Whether it is the quirkiness of Dali, the mind-bending vision of Chirico, or the simple yet stunning perspectives of Many Ray: this is art that has withstood the test of time. Even after a century, the surrealists still manage to stun us, which is why we love them, and find them inspiring. They really are timeless. And they have inspired many of our designs, including the Fly Away Sweatshirt and the Jurassic Desert 5 Skateboard Wall Art.

Psychedelic Art: It might have started in the sixties along with the “free-love” movement, but psychedelic art continues to hit a nerve with every generation since. Who doesn’t know someone who simply loves tie-dye? And let’s face it, we all have that one friend who has a peace sign tattooed. How about the colorful, trippy visions of Hendrix, that are as much about higher consciousness as they are concert visuals? Inspiration from psychedelic art finds its way in our collection in the Down the Rabbit Hole T-shirt (Unisex), the Candy Flipped Hooded Blanket, the Hippie Peace Leather Boots, and so much more. So check these products out, and stand out proudly in a crowd. Peace!

Fractal Art: A little trippy, a little mathematics, and 100% natural. Fractals are patterns found abundantly in nature, whether it is the shape of a snowflake, the beauty of trees, or the self-similarity of the Mandelbrot Set. And they invite us to look closer, so that we can realize that it is the same patterns repeated over and over again. Haven’t you noticed how geological patterns often resemble the illustrations of human anatomy and cellular mechanisms? Check out our Depth of Time Wooden Wrist Watch or our Murky Hooded Blanket, which illustrate this philosophy. And the next time you are in the great outdoors, look closer: in the translucence of leaves you will recognize the network of human veins.

Sacred Geometry: What happens when you blend science and spirituality? Sacred Geometry is the answer. While some believe it is pure math, and the creator of the universe was a geometer of sorts, others find nature to be inherently perfect in its geometry. From churches and mandalas, to modern architecture and Islamic art, there is a serene sense of symmetry that is inherent to the human mind. And we use it abundantly in our designs, from the Ying Yang Sherpa Blanket to the Mandala Art Wrist Watch. We even believe that our all-inclusive Pink Triangle Zip Hoodie has a little bit of sacred geometry in it, because love, of all different kinds, is sacred to us.

Asian Art: Many predict 2020 will be the year in which Science and Spirituality finally reconcile. However, our inclinations have always been towards the spiritual. In fact, art of the east has always been alluring to us, whether it is the intricate patterns of India or the peaceful, delicate drawings from China and Japan. You will see these motifs appear in many of our products, from shoes to skateboards. Sakura Bloom Wallet Purse, Cherry Blossom 5 Skateboard Wall Art, 

Pop Art: It’s about being flashy, it’s about being different, and it’s about being yourself. Pop Art made it big in the seventies, with the likes of Andy Warhol creating a whole movement out of soup cans. And now, it’s making a comeback, not just in the contemporary art world, with the quotidian fusing into high-art, but also in our extremely wearable, durable Bohemian State of Mind Boots and Blue Run and Minimal Geometric designs. Really, what’s better than a bit of art that you can wear everyday? And like we said, that’s really what HalluciateX is all about.

Tribal Art: What we admire most about the Native American traditions is the connection of the human to nature and the cosmos. No wonder it has inspired us to use Navajo art motifs into our collection, because it is everything we stand for. From the symmetry, patterns, and colors of this ancient tradition that come to life in our Tribal Spirit High Top Canvas Shoe and Aztec Soul Zip Hoodie to the peaceful and elegant Dream-catcher Hoodie that is both stylish and comfortable, Navajo art is displayed with pride and respect in a range of our goodies.

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