At HalucinateX, we believe in giving people what they love. Our products cater to everyone. However, there are a few groups of people we were thinking of while curating the finest in design and apparel. These are people who are special to us, because they share with us a particular affinity towards art, nature, music, and more. So, if you are one of them, you are one of us, and know that we appreciate what you do. In fact, we love it. And we hope that you will love what we do, and find a little part of yourself in the products we have curated, especially for you.

The Artist: What we do is art. And naturally, like all art, we love to find others who are like-minded, and will appreciate our efforts. Our current collection is influenced by everything from ancient artistic practices from the Far East and Native American tribes to art that tries to bridge the gap between science and creativity. So no mater what kind of artist you are, you will find something for yourself here. In fact, we are even looking for new artists who would like to have their art seen and worn by people all over the world. Find out more about that here.

The Nature Enthusiast: Our mission is to inspire people to be one with nature. And we do that through many different ways: from creating designs and patterns inspired by nature, to creating apparel and accessories that will help you go out there and build a deep connection with the outside world. So the next time you are thinking of gathering your crew and head out for a glamping trip to the nearest woods, take a look at the range of HallucinateX products that are designed keeping your camping needs in mind. A hoodie that doubles as a blanket? The warmest, funkiest pair of boots? We have it all. Plus, we are trying our best to be as sustainable and responsible as possible, in order to be kind to nature, so she can be kind to us.

The Seeker: Our philosophy goes beyond the surface. We believe that, as individuals, we are all looking for a connection, not just with the world outside, but with ourselves. And that each of us has a different path that we must take in order to expand our consciousness. HallucinateX is here to make that path a little more colorful—by helping you express your true self, through your clothes and the things you surround yourself with. Doesn’t matter if you are a believer in all things Zen, or if you draw from Native American philosophies. What matters is that you too believe in that oneness; that nature has the power to heal: a fact that has been proven by both scientists and shamans.

The Music Lover: Music makes the world go round. And it doesn’t matter what
kind of music you love: whether it is rock and roll from the 70s or the electronic
dance music of today; whether it is the psychedelic songs of Jimi Hendricks or
the more contemporary experimental and ambient compositions. Step out in
style for the next live gig or music fest by proudly sporting some brand new
HallucinateX merchandise.

The Hippie in You: It is, eventually, all about love and peace, isn’t it? It is, at
least for us. In fact, those things are central to us. Which is why we proudly rock
the peace sign, or include the flower power motif in our designs. This is a nod
back to the era that was. Things just seemed so much simpler, so much better
back then. And we make our designs to remind you of those cool times gone by.
So, time-travel back to the roaring sixties with some choice HallucinateX outfits. For example, check out our the Hippie Guitar t-shirt (women) or the Peace wallet (men) or the Hippie time wrist watch. 

The LGBTQ Crew: And speaking of love, we believe in love of all different kinds.
Our vision is not blinded by discrimination, and neither are our designs
restricted by gender stereotypes. The key to being true to who you are is being
able to express yourself creatively, and Hallucinate X, you will find something
that is just as colorful as your true self. So, go ahead and explore the entire
spectrum till you find something that is just right. Here are some of our recoomendations - the #loveislove/iamproud 3 pc Skateboard wall art, the #loveislove T-shirt and the Pink triangles sherpa hoodie.

Artist, Hippie, LGBTQ, MusicLover, Nature Enthusiast -

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