Sakura Bloom Wallet Purse

  • $39.99
  • Sakura is the Japanese word for the revered cherry blossom tree. It is considered as an important symbolic metaphor for life and the seasons.

    Throughout spring, summer and autumn, the Sakura tree grows with little noticeable change above ground. Indeed for 49 weeks of the year its energy is purposefully channeled into its roots, forcing them deeper and thus ensuring a stronger, more resilient tree. All through winter, the Sakura weathers the often-unforgiving elements. This process symbolizes the importance of developing one’s internal strength.

    For just three weeks of the year, as the seasons shift from winter to spring, the Sakura blossoms. The Sakura flower is beautiful in sight and fragrance. Spring winds may blow the blooms away but the Sakura tree still gives its all. The short life and beauty of the blossom has been used as a metaphor for mortality and is an important symbol in Japanese culture.

    “Life is beautiful but short lived, therefore one must live life in every breath.” - This is the spirit of the Sakura. 

     Environmentally-friendly, leather-like material.

    RFID protection material built in.

    Credit card slots.

    Wrist strap.

    Cash pocket.

    Ships worldwide.